Can you envision saving your life or someone else’s by just using a card? Well, we do. And it’s time we introduce Emeraid.

What's Emeraid you might ask?

Well Emeraid is nothing more than a card with a QR code printed on it, but there's a catch...

When you scan the QR code you get a first aid manual, right there, on your screen. Emeraid is purposely designed to be small and light. Hence, it fits in your pocket, wallet or even under your phone case. What's more? Buying this card is very much affordable and way cheaper than a first aid manual.

Our goal, here in Emeraid, is not only to reduce the number of fatal accidents, but also to make sure that our customers feel safe 24/7.

Make your everyday safeness possible, with Emeraid.

If you're interested in buying an Emeraid card, make sure to contact us via Instagram or make a call at this number: 96858689. You can place an order here. We are checking our DMs everyday so you'll get your card as soon as possible.

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